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Bluetooth Tweaker FAQ


Operating System
Windows 10/11 (x64 only). Please refer to the version history for officially supported Windows versions.
OS Boot Loader
Windows standard boot loader. (3rd party boot loaders are not supported)
Bluetooth Stack
Windows 10/11 inbox Bluetooth Stack. (3rd party stacks are not supported)
Administrator Privilege
Required when you install/uninstall the package.
Internet Access
Required when you retrieve the trial license and when you purchase the license.
  1. Download the installer from the download page.
  2. Double-click on the downloaded installer file and follow the instruction.
  1. Navigate to Windows Start Menu > Settings > Apps > Installed apps.
  2. Look for "Bluetooth Tweaker" in the App list.
  3. Click the button, then select "Uninstall" from the list.

Purchasing and Licensing

To purchase a license for Bluetooth Tweaker, please:

  1. Install Bluetooth Tweaker (version 1.0 or later) to your PC.
  2. Click on the “Purchase License” button on the main window.
    You will be lead license purchase page.
Screenshot of Bluetooth Tweaker window

Type of the license we currently offer is perpetual. You pay once and the license is valid forever.

IMPORTANT: This does not mean that the software is guaranteed to work with future versions of the operating systems.

After completing the purchase process and verifying your payment, you will receive the license file via email or direct download. Once you receive the license file, please:

  1. Save the license file (which is attached to the email you received or included in the ZIP file you downloaded) to your PC's local disk.
    • Make sure that you do not modify it. Even the slightest modification will invalidate the license file.
    • Please save the license file in a safe place. You will need it when you re-install the program.
  2. Click on the ellipsis (…) at the right top corner of the window.
  3. Select “Apply purchased license file...”
  4. Select the license file you saved in the earlier step.
  5. NOTE: Do not select the license file package (a ZIP file) that you downloaded directly from our website. You must first extract the license file from the ZIP file and select it.

Screenshot of Bluetooth Tweaker window

No. Since the license is tied to the unique ID of your motherboard, as long as you use the same motherboard, the license should remain valid. Similarly, changing the operating system version, replacing components such as video card, network card, Bluetooth adapter, and HDD/SSD will not affect the license.

However, please note that the new operating system must be one of the officially supported versions. Please check the version history to see which version of the Windows operating system is supported.

Please also note that if the motherboard is replaced, regardless of the reason for the replacement, the license is no longer valid and we will not issue a new license for the replaced motherboard. This includes the case of a motherboard replacement by your PC manufacturer.

The license is a single PC license. So, you need a valid license for each computer.

But we offer a discount for additional licenses. When you purchase a license for an additional computer, please use the "Discount for additional license" section of the license purchase page.

Unfortunately, the license is tied to the specific hardware (more specifically, to the motherboard) and not transferable to another computer. This restriction applies regardless of the reason for the hardware replacement.

We wish we could make it transferable, but doing so requires much more resources (development effort and maintenance cost) and, as a result, increases the license fee.

So, we decided to keep it simple, and instead of that, provide a substantial discount for the replacement license. We hope it will make up for the lack of transferability. If you want to take advantage of that, please start the license purchase process from your new computer and look for the “Discount for additional license” section (bottom half) of the license purchase page. The current price for an additional license is $1.99. We hope you consider it as a small fee to issue a replacement license.

First of all, thank you for purchasing the license.

You should receive a license file in an e-mail from soon after the payment is completed. If you do not receive the e-mail in one hour, please:

  1. (If you paid with PayPal) Check PayPal payment transaction status.
  2. Please check the e-mail from PayPal or login to your PayPal account and check the status of the transaction first. Sometimes transaction remains in "pending state" for some time (up to a couple of days). If this is the case, we cannot issue a license until the transaction's state changes to "complete".

  3. Check if you are looking at the correct mailbox.
  4. If you paid with PayPal, the license file is sent to your PayPal account's e-mail address. It may be different from the address you usually use. Please log in to your PayPal account and check your account profile if you are not sure.

  5. Check if the e-mail was mistakenly marked as a SPAM mail.
  6. The vast majority (>98%) of the license delivery e-mails make it to the inbox. But, unfortunately, some of them are misjudged as SPAM mail (this seems to happen more often with smaller e-mail providers and self-managed e-mail servers.) So, please make sure to check your junk/SPAM folder before contacting us.

  7. If you don't find it in your junk mail folder, please contact us at
  8. Please be sure to:

    • Confirm and mention that you have checked your SPAM/junk mail folder.
    • Send the email from the email address you used for the license purchase.
    • If you have another e-mail address we can reach (preferably with different email provider/domain), please mention that.
    • Usually, resending to the same address doesn't work well. If you have another email address, that would increase the chance of successful delivery.

    We will get back to you as soon as possible. Please allow us up to one business day to respond.

In some cases, license delivery e-mail bounces back (it usually happens when you misspelled your email address). If that happens, we will:

  1. Retry two more times to make sure that this is not a one-time failure.
  2. And, wait for two days for you to contact us.
  3. If we cannot reach you in two days, we will cancel the license and make a full refund.

Once this happens, we will refuse to sell the license to the same e-mail address to avoid repeated failure.

If it has been less than two weeks since you purchased the license file, we can resend the license file free of charge. Please contact us from the email address where you received the license file.

Otherwise, you can request to reissue the license for a small fee. Please start the normal license purchase process. Once you are on the license purchase page, please use the "Discount for additional license" section at the bottom half of the page. The current price of the additional license is $1.99.

We accept payments through PayPal or Stripe (which accepts credit cards, debit cards, and selected wallets).

We realize that they don't cover payments from every country, but we have no immediate plans to add other payment methods, such as cryptocurrency.


Unfortunately, there is a bug in Windows 11, and if you:

  • Use Windows 11, and
  • Enabled A2DP sink tweak ("Allow this device to connect" checkbox under [Accept Stereo Audio (A2DP) Playback From This Device] section) for multiple devices.

You will be affected by the bug. You can listen to the music from other devices while the Tweaker app is running. But, as soon as you close the app, playback stops.

We reported the bug to Microsoft, but as of this writing (mid. January 2022), we have not heard the solid fix plan from them yet.

We investigated the possibility of a workaround that can be implemented in our app but to no avail. Meanwhile, please limit the number of devices you enable this feature to one. This seems to be the only workaround until Microsoft fixes the bug.

This is a new bug in Windows 11, and Windows 10 does not have this problem.

Tweak Specific Topics

What is the requirement for this tweak to work?

Your headset/headphones have to be able to notify your PC when you push one of the buttons on it. Without this notification, Bluetooth Tweaker will not know when you want to mute/unmute.

All headset/headphones in the market are made to send the button push event using AVRCP (Audio/Video remote control profile) if the button is pushed while the device is in stereo audio mode (e.g., when you are listening to music). But, when the headset/headphones are in call mode (the mode used by the online conference apps), some devices stop sending the button push events. Some other devices reassign buttons for other purposes (call control, voice activation, etc.). If your headset/headphones are one of them, this tweak doesn't work for it.

How can I know if my headset/headphones satisfy the requirement?

  1. Connect the headset/headphone to your PC.
  2. Enable this tweak for the headset/headphones.
  3. Open Bluetooth Tweaker, select the headset/headphones in the left pane, then select When an app is listening to the microphone.

  4. Open the windows Sound control panel.
  5. Type mmsys.cpl into the Windows serarch box.

  6. Select the Recording tab.
  7. Locate the headset/headphones in the list and make sure that it is active (not grayed out).
  8. If it is grayed out, right-click on it and select Set as default communication device.

  9. Double-click on the device and open the Headset Properties dialog box.
  10. Select the Levels tab.
  11. Push one of the pause, stop, or play buttons on your headset/headphones.
  12. If your headset/headphones satisfy the requirement, you will hear a beep sound (high-low beep for mute on, low-high beep for mute off) and see the mute sign in the Headset Properties dialog box.

Microphone's mute status is not reflected in the online conference app's user interface

The following diagram shows how the signal from your headset's microphone is processed. It goes through two separate mute controls. The first one is the system-level mute control, which Windows provides. The second one is the mute control implemented by each conference app such as Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

When either of the mute controls is in effect, your microphone is muted.

Some conference apps (such as Google Meet and Microsoft Teams) show the status of both controls, as shown below.

Google Meet: When the microphone is muted by Google Meet
Google Meet: When the microphone is muted by Bluetooth Tweaker

But, other conference apps (such as Zoom) show only the status of their mute control. If you are using one of them, you cannot tell if your microphone is muted from the app's user interface.

If you need to know if the Bluetooth Tweaker's mute control is in effect, please push the pause/stop button on the headset to toggle the mute state. If you hear a high-low beep, it is now muted. If you hear a low-high beep, it is now unmuted.