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No more guessing when to charge Bluetooth devices

Bluetooth Battery Monitor keeps an eye on your Bluetooth devices for you.

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For Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

How Bluetooth Battery Monitor helps you to avoid surprise low battery?

Wide range of device support

Bluetooth headphones, keyboards, mice, digitizer pens, game controllers ... If your device reports its battery level, Bluetooth Battery Monitor can show it.

Starting version 1.9.0, selected non-Bluetooth input devices are also supported.

Accurate battery level reading

Unlike some other applications that show “guestimate” battery level, Bluetooth Battery Monitor shows real data which was measured by each Bluetooth device. This usually gives you more accurate information.

Check all devices with a glance

Bluetooth Battery Monitor displays all devices' information in one compact dialog box. You don't need to check each device one by one.

Alert when your device needs charging

Bluetooth Battery Monitor will call your attention with notification message know when one of your devices needs charging.

Don't worry if you missed the notification message. System tray icon shows you the level of the lowest battery of all your Bluetooth devices by its color.